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Speech & Language

Children need to hear 10,000 words each day. Parents can help speech and language development by having face to face conversations with their children. Learn what else you can do to help here

Child Guidance currently provides speech-language pathology services for children up to the age of 12. Charges for services are based on your family size and income. Sooner Care and some private insurances are accepted. You won’t be refused services if you are unable to pay. Services provided include:

  • Speech-language screenings
  • Speech-language assessment and intervention
  • Training parents/caregivers to enhance communication
  • Autism screenings
  • Classroom consultations

To request an appointment or more information please click here or call 918-594-4720.


Not sure about what is "normal"? Learn about developmental milestones for your child's age here. Screening is recommend if:

  • You cannot understand what your child is saying
  • Your child is not using the same amount of words as other children
  • Your child has difficulty following directions
  • A doctor or teacher has expressed concern about your child’s speech and/or language

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